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The art project A portrait of a Nation by Trond Hugo Haugen consists of several elements.

The artist's starting point is found in the iconic painting Eidsvold 1814 (1885) by Oscar Wergeland. The painting shows the 112 representatives in the Constituent Assembly who established and adopted the Norwegian Constitution 200 years ago. The painting is a famous picture which represents Norway becoming an independent country. Around 70 of the 112 delegates that were present are painted in enough detail to be identified.

The photograph A Portrait of a Nation (after Eidsvold 1814): Coinciding with the bicentennial anniversary of the constitution, artist Trond Hugo Haugen has created a photograph with a statistically correct representation of contemporary Norway. The Norwegian population has been scaled down to 112 people to match the number of representatives present in 1814. The photograph represents Norway in 2014 to cover gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, belief and sexual orientation.

"The people in the photograph are us. 112 of us, the same as the number of representativesin that first constitutional assembly, as shown in Oscar Wergeland’s painting from 1885, but the people in the photograph represent Norway in 2014. We are as many women as men, 57 of us are working age, two unemployed, six students. Only one farmer. Most of us are ethnic Norwegians, 13 with immigrant backgrounds, most from Poland. One is Saami. Six are queer, one is pregnant. The people in the photograph live in Norway."

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The artist Trond Hugo Haugen (b. 1975, Kristiansand, Norway, lives and works in Oslo) studied at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. He works with drawing, artists' books and project-based work in a social, historical and/or political context. Haugen has primarily worked with large art project like Et riksportrett / A Portrait of the Nation (2012-2014) and Stavanger2018 / KA DÅ ITTPÅ (2005–2011). Haugen runs the noCUBE publishing house and has been engaged in several artist-run initiatives and institutions. www.trondhugo.no


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The photograph A Portrait of the National (after Eidsvold 1814) can be freely used except commercial use. It is a central part of the project that the image is applied and that the story is retold. The following information must be visible:

Title: A Portrait of the Nation (after Eidsvold 1814)

The work is based on the painting Eidsvold 1814 (1885) by Oscar Wergeland, The Norwegian Parliament

©Trond Hugo Haugen / BONO 2014
Photo: André Severin Johansen

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